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    Great Times at The Arden

    The Arden Hotel is one of our all-time favourites for… any time and any occasion. Sunday lunch, breakfast, coffee and cake, just coffee (we’re only joking, we would never have coffee without cake!), dinner, lunch, drinks and afternoon tea. We’ve been to The Arden so many times, we’ve tried all of the above and loved it all!

    The perfect location

    Located on the riverside right in the heart of Stratford-Upon-Avon and overlooking both the river and the magnificent Royal Shakespeare Company Theatre, The Arden also has the perfect location going for it, and we have spent many a sunny afternoon on the terrace here, soaking up the sun and enjoying that trademark great food, great service and great atmosphere.

    A family-friendly welcome

    We go everywhere as a family and it matters hugely when we go out, that children are welcomed.. and our children certainly have bee welcomed warmly at The Arden. The kids love it there, like we do, and have had all of their special hot chocolate- and ice cream related requests met with nothing but friendly smiles and willing attitudes.

    We’re huge fans of The Arden… can you tell? And are happy to recommend going there for any occasion, at any time. We know you’ll have a great time!