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    A super time at The Welcombe Golf Club

    We’re just back from an afternoon at The Welcombe Golf Club and what a great time we had. The kids (Matthew and Noelle, both 9) and I were given a beginner’s golf lesson by Tom and Ben who showed us the basics, let us hit some balls, both on the driving range and on the putting green and gave us a tour of the beautiful course with the backdrop of the stunning Welcombe Hotel from the comfort golf buggies.


    “If I don’t have fun, you owe me”

    Before our visit to Welcombe Golf Club today, Matthew was not interested in golf and he was sure he wasn’t going to have a good time. We had tears, then a mini-tantrum because I didn’t back down and let him skip the experience, and “If I don’t have fun, you owe me!” (when I said I was sure he’d have a good time). 3 minutes into our lesson with Tom and Sam, he was laughing, learning and loving golf!


    Fantastic golf teachers

    Noelle loved the idea of golf even before we went to Welcombe Golf Club today, and she was not disappointed. She, too, loved it. Tom and Ben were great teachers, made the kids feel welcome and free to try the various clubs and holes, they made mistakes and missed the balls, but were made to feel that it was completely okay, and then encouraged to keep trying in the best way possible. Golf is hard, you don’t get it right straight away, and for kids to try a sport and fail and fail, but still want to continue and still think it’s fun, tells me that they are being taught well and that they are in good hands.


    Free membership for kids

    In an effort to encourage more kids to play golf and to be able to improve the offers and activities for children at The Welcombe Golf Club, the club is currently offering free membership for kids, and I immediately signed Matthew and Noelle up, of course. What a fantastic opportunity and both Matthew and Noelle are excited to be going back again and again to have fun and learn this exciting sport. Contact Thomas.Butterworth@hallmarkhotels.co.uk for information on the free membership for kids and general information about The Welcombe Golf Club.


    Now, enough about the kids

    I absolutely loved my golf experience this afternoon! I have been considering taking up golf for a while and my lesson today confirmed what I already suspected: Golf is the sport for me. Here is a sport where you can play with others but challenge yourself and play and practice alone to better your own form. Here is a sport that combines the sporting element with the social one. And a sport that can be played outside, whatever the weather. I am excited about having started my golf journey today… see you on the driving range!