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    William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” for Kids

    This afternoon we had a fantastic time at the RSC’s The Other Place. They put on “The Tempest” as part of their ‘first encounters with Shakespeare for younger audiences’ and our two 8-year-olds were very excited to be going. Living in Stratford-upon-Avon, we feel like we live with Shakespeare all around us, so they are familiar the stories, the buildings and the landmarks, but this was their first ever play.

    An audience of young Shakespeare fans

    Performed by 8 wonderful actors, we all thoroughly enjoyed ‘The Tempest’. The audience, which was 95% kids aged 8 to 12, were drawn into the play and encouraged to take part, so throughout the play we created thunder, waves and magic when prompted to do so, it was fantastic.

    Shakespeare in Danish

    Even though the play was performed in the language Shakespeare wrote it in (which at one point early on lead our daughter to remark “it might as well be performed in Danish”), both kids really got into it and fully enjoyed the whole experience. They left having an understanding of Shakespeare that they didn’t have before and both remarked that they were interested in seeing more.

    A great connection

    Noelle, our daughter, felt especially that the actors connected with her. She attends a weekly drama class and is interested in exploring the world of theatre, so experiencing a play where the actors draws in the audience as skillfully as they the ones we saw today in “The Tempest”, made her even more determined to explore this exciting world of acting and theatre.

    Where did Ariel go?

    Before the play, the actors spent 10 minutes walking around among the audience, explaining a bit of of the story we were about to be told, making jokes and chatting, putting everyone in a great mood for the performance. After the play the actors spent 10 minutes answering questions from the children in the audience. “What does Tempest mean”, “What happened to Antonio after the play” and “Where did Ariel go when she was set free” were just some of the great questions, and the actors answered them all with great enthusiasm. Following the Q&A session, we were invited on to the stage to chat with the actors – our daughter especially enjoyed the performances by Sarah Kameela Impey (Ariel) and Elly Condron (Miranda) and she was beyond delighted when they both invited her to pose with them for the camera.

    Thank You Royal Shakespeare Company for offering Matthew and Noelle this first encounter with William Shakespeare.