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    What if you found an old lamp, rubbed off the dirt and a genie appeared? What if you hid in an old wardrobe and realised that it lead into a magical world? What if you fell down a rabbit hole and ended up in a crazy Wonderland? Or, perhaps, what if William Shakespeare had been a time travelling wizard? You may just get the answer to those and many other musings at Magic Alley.



    The Imagination Destination

    This magical attraction is family friendly and full of adventure and imagination, a destination for the explorers, dreamers and storytellers. The experience of Magic Alley invites dreamers to dream, to suspend disbelief for a while and embark on a magical adventure that brings a brief respite from the pressures of everyday life.

    From the moment you step through the doors and realise that it really is bigger on the inside, to the moment you journey through a full sized street packed with magical objects and curious that you never knew you needed you are surrounded by the magic of storytelling.
    The possibilities are endless at Magic Alley.



    Magical Shop & Cafe

    Generation Hex is the shop at Magic Alley, it’s full of creatures, games, books and ornaments, all of the magical variety. And no visit to Magic Alley would be complete without a visit to the cafe with it’s extensive menu of delicious hot chocolates, milkshakes and sweet treats as well as the world famous “Original Tudor Recipe ButterBeer”. That’s right, it really is a real drink.  First appearing in recipe books around 1588 it’s a rich, spicy and creamy cold drink that has to be tasted to be believed!




    Halloween 2018

    Stratford upon Avon is set for an even more “spook-tacular” Halloween than ever this year as Magic Alley, the town’s magical family attraction, launches “Generation Hex” and interactive ghost stories “After Dark”.

    If the hum-drum of life has been getting you down, maybe it’s time to re-connect with your inner spirituality and weave a little magic into your day and this might just be the way to do it. Generation Hex is a brand-new shop-within-a-shop at Magic Alley’s flagship Bell Court store and will be catering for the magical and mystical needs of Millennials not just in Stratford but across the world. The shop has a life-size bubbling cauldron and is packed with magical and mystical goodies including fairies, crystals and unicorns!

    When you enter Generation Hex you enter the new age witch’s lair offering anything and everything magic-related from spell books to talismans and oracle cards. But there isn’t anything sinister about this supernatural art form going on here, this is somewhere to harness your energy for positive means. Dave Matthews, owner of parent company STMO Media Group, said Generation Hex will appeal to Millennials who are increasingly seeking solace and magic in crystals and spell-casting.

    “So, forget about picking up hexes and curses,” he said, “there’s only positive magic going on here!”

    Throughout October visitors can enjoy a family-friendly experience during the day, as the Enchanted Manor is given a spooky makeover into the Haunted Manor with animated pumpkins and dragons, flickering candlelight, a spooky quiz trail and cobwebs galore.

    The gift shop has a huge range of Halloween gifts for the home and the Golden Broomstick coffeeshop will be serving spiced pumpkin lattes, gingerbread cauldrons and iced spiced pumpkin juice alongside its normal fare.


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    Magic Alley, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK

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