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    A lovely visit to Shakespeare’s New Place

    What to do when you have an hour or so to spend with your kids in Stratford-upon-Avon? Well, we’re spoilt for choice in our vibrant and exciting town, but one thing high on the list is a visit to Shakespeare’s New Place, and that’s exactly what we did yesterday.

    My kids, Matthew and Noelle, are both 8 and although they are twins, they are as different as night and day. They like doing different things and they like going to different places.. actually, that’s not true, Matthew will go anywhere as long as there are Pokemon to catch! But yesterday they both agreed that Shakespeare’s New Place was where we should spend a bit of our afternoon in town. We were all excited to see the place in daylight, as we had only previously visited during the evening when the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust put on the Garden of Curious A-muse-ments experience.

    Shakespeare’s New Place was William Shakespeare’s family home from 1597 until he died in the house in 1616. When Shakespeare bought New Place, he was an established playwright and it is believed that he wrote his later plays there, including The Tempest. The house was demolished in 1759 and now a registered garden has been designed to commemorate the importance of the site and allow visitors to make their own personal connection with Shakespeare.

    And we did just that, make a personal connection, that is. We had a great time walking through the gardens, the little walkways, enjoying and studying the many wonderul sculptures and artworks and, not least, catching a fair amount of Pokemon.