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    Hooray for Hooray’s

    Imagine if there was a place where you could skip dinner and go straight to pudding, where you could go just to enjoy a hot waffle dessert, a scoop of unicorn ice cream with sparkly sprinkles, a delicious piece of cake and a hot cup of great coffee… ahhh, just imagine!

    A cosy and cool gelateria

    Well, you can see where we’re going, of course, because you don’t have to imagine anything, such a place exists, it’s right here in our town and it is Hooray’s. Known for an ever-changing array of ice-cream flavours, great service and a warm, cosy cafe, this ‘gelateria’ is definitely one of our favourite places to go for something sweet in Stratford-upon-Avon.

    As if we needed an excuse

    We’ve been to Hooray’s so many times.. we’ll never admit exactly how many, but let’s just say we can be just a few visits from there being an ice cream flavour named in our honour! We love Hooray’s, we’ve been for pudding after dinner elsewhere, for coffees when we meet up in town, for ice cream with the kids on a hot day (for ice cream with the kids when it wasn’t that hot!) and for hot chocolates on a cool day.. basically, we will find any excuse to pop in for a sweet delight and we’ll keep coming back again and again.