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    Giggling Squid in Stratford-upon-Avon

    We just had a fantastic family dinner at Giggling Squid in Stratford-upon-Avon. We had heard good things about this great Thai restaurant in the centre of town, but we had not encountered anyone who had been there with kids, so it just hadn’t been on the top of our list of new places to go eat as a family. But we were near, we were hungry and upon enquiring about a children’s menu, were told that they did in fact welcome children and that they had a great choice of dishes for kids. So in we went.



    Great for Giggling Kids

    And what a super decision that turned out to be, because it turns out that Giggling Squid is one of those places where kids and grown-ups are equally well catered for. The children’s menu is great, complete with pictures and good descriptions of the dishes, and with no English dishes thrown in to cater for the ultra picky little ones, the kids were made to try the delicious Thai dishes, and they loved it! Our two (both 8) are ultra picky normally, and had there been a few English dishes thrown is, they’re what they would have gone for, but instead they ended up trying something new and really enjoying it. Excellent!



    Incredibly delicious Thai food

    And we, too, were very well catered for. The food is incredibly delicious. Clearly well made, a balanced and reasonably priced menu with so many wonderful Thai dishes to choose from. Every single mouthful was fantastic, the service was great and the restaurant is calm and with a warm atmosphere. We all left full, happy and excited to go back again soon to taste more of the incredibly delicious Thai food on the menu.