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    Fun with kids (and goats) at Mary Arden’s Farm

    Today was the season opening of the childhood home of William Shakespeare’s mother, Mary Arden. We’ve been to Mary Arden’s Farm in Stratford-upon-Avon before and were all excited to go back, so not even today’s weather forecast of cloudy, windy and rainy conditions was enough to make us postpone. And good thing we didn’t because we wrapped up warm and had an absolute blast.

    Hot chocolate and cake for starters

    Normally we would not start a visit like this with hot chocolate and cake (not sure why, we may start doing just that), but today when we arrived, it was raining a little and we were all hungry, so we decided to be all unconventional and start where we normally finish. Mary Arden’s Farm has a really nice cafe with cakes, biscuits, hot and cold drinks, hot and cold food and very friendly staff. A great place to finish (or indeed start) your visit.

    The battle of the goats

    The kids had especially looked forward to seeing all the wonderful farm animals again and they especially loved the donkeys and the mini pigs, but the “stars of the day” were definitely the goats! It was the performance of the day to witness two goats on top of a hut, playing and “battling” to win the space. Hilarious!

    Candles, dishes and giant chess

    But the fun continued with candle-making, washing dishes (yes, you reas that right!), forest play, giant chess and so much more. Mary Arden’s Farm is definitely among our favourite places to go with kids in Stratford-upon-Avon and we look forward to going back again and again, whatever the weather.

    A fabulous gift shop experience

    As in all the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust houses, the gift shop you go through when you leave Mary Arden’s Farm is fantastic. Wonderful books of, and about, William Shakespeare and beautiful souvenirs. We love going through the gift shops and always find a thing or two to bring home as a memento of a good time.