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    Fun for Families at Shakespeare’s Birthplace

    This morning we went into town for some ‘mother/daughter family fun’. Breakfast, a bit of shopping and our first ever visit to Shakespeare’s Birthplace. Noelle, my 8-year-old daughter, was excited to go for several reasons. Firstly because in the past year, Shakespeare has been a huge part of the curriculum in her school, and living in Stratford-upon-Avon, she is, obviously, “subjected to” all things Shakespeare on an almost daily basis, but also because we have previously visited both Anne Hathaway’s Cottage and Mary Arden’s Farm, both of which she thoroughy enjoyed, and we went to the Garden of Curious A-muse-ments at Shakespeare’s New Place a few months back.

    An interesting experience for any age

    Going through the garden and the house, we were met by friendly and knowledgeable members of staff, who shared stories about the rooms, the plays, the people and the artefacts. Very interesting and told in a way an 8-year-old would understand and appreciate.

    A bit of Macbeth in the morning

    Leaving the house and entering the garden, we were met by two wonderful actors, an encounter that was the absolute highlight of the morning. They asked us which play we would like to see them perform a scene from, and as one would on a bright summer morning in Spring, we went stay for… Macbeth! They were brilliant, they clearly knew their Shakespeare and they were amazing entertainers.

    A gift shop fit for a bard

    And leaving the garden, the gift shop awaits, but this is no ordinary gift shop. Instead it is an unbelievably well stocked book shop with the literary works of William Shakespeare and the greatest books about him. Any bookshop that encourages people to read and appreciate literature, is a hit it my book.

    What a wonderful morning we had, we’ll be back again for sure!

    What a wonderful morning we had, we’ll be back again for sure!