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    Fizz & Fin: Our new favourite ‘Chippy’.

    We’re going out on a Friday night in Stratford-upon-Avon and even though we’re so spoilt for choice with the abundance of great restaurants and eateries in this town, we don’t take long to decide that this particular Friday night should be ‘Fish & Chips’-night. And where better than the new ‘posh chippy’ in town, Fizz & Fin?


    Let’s go inside

    We arrive, there are 5 of us and we’re greeted warmly by staff and the chef himself. We’ve all driven past this new restaurant on Greenhill Street and as it’s right by the traffic lights, we’ve all sat in our cars and looked in wondering what this little chip shop might be like to dine in, do they do take-aways and what kind of fizz do they serve? We go in and we get the answer to all these questions and more.


    A Posh Chippy and much, much more

    This lovely little chip shop is so much more than “just” a Chippy and “just” a posh Fish & Chips Restaurant. It’s fabulous, actually, because it’s both of those kinds of places and because it does both equally brilliantly. It’s a local Chippy in that you can get your Fish & Chips take away from here, but the standard of food and the menu is so much more than that of your regular chip shop. And it’s the perfect posh Fish & Chips restaurant with lovely, cosy decor, super background music and the greatest quality and choice in food and drink.


    Super menu at reasonable prices

    The menu at Fizz & Fin is a varied one including some lovely vegetarian and vegan choices and an extensive drinks list, both of which are very reasonably priced! The restaurant is both a great space to have a romantic meal for 2 and a family dinner or a night out as a group of friends. So, surprisingly, this little posh chippy is everything we could ever hope for in a local chip shop and we can’t wait to go back and again.


    Super duper lunchtime deals

    Fizz & Fin‘s lunchtime offers are too good not to share. Offers run from 12-3pm are are as follows:

    Mini Fish & Chips + Glass of Prosecco or a Pint, £6.95.

    Regular Fish & Chips + Glass of Prosecco or a Pint, £9.95.

    Large Fish & Chips + Glass of Prosecco or a Pint, £11.95.

    Pie & Pint, £9.95. Burger & Beer, £9.95.