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    It’s Christmas at Magic Alley

    There’s something very special going on in Stratford-upon-Avon for Christmas, and it’s all happening at Magic Alley. The scene is set in this year’s Christmas Experience at Magic Alley and every day from Sunday the 18th of November, Santa Claus will be there to delight the kids and make sure they have the most fun and wonderful time celebrating the spirit of Christmas.



    The real Santa Claus (we’re almost sure about that!)

    If your child dreams about meeting Santa Claus, Magic Alley truly is the experience to choose. We can’t say for sure, of course, but this particular Santa Claus could be the real deal………. don’t miss him!




    Three times the magic

    A visit to Magic Alley is an experience in 3 different stages. The main event is the experience itself, which is part museum, part interactive experience with clues, spells, dressing up, stories and all kinds of magic. We spent a full hour inside the experience and was, truly, magical. Going through room after room, each dressed up on a different magical theme, we had such fun collecting clues working out the answers to the questions on the sheet together. And new seasons bring on new themes, new clues and new questions in Magic Alley, which means you can keep coming back again and again. You’ll definitely see us there again and again.

    When we came out on the other side having very nearly answered all the questions on the sheet correctly, we assumed we’d be getting our certificate for a job well done and be on our way, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth. Barry, our trusted helper throughout the eperience, sat down with the kids and went through the sheet with them, took them back in to make sure they got the one (very, very, very) wrong answer right and book-ended the experience with great comedic value.

    Then on to the second part, which is the shop. I say ‘shop’ but it’s so much more, because in the shopping area, which is several well-stocked areas with everything from magic spells and wands, to incense, quirky books, gifts, fairies and fairy houses, unicorns and dragons; vintage toys and games… and so, so much more. Whatever level of magic interest you’re at, there’s something for you in this shop.

    And now to the third and final part: the café, which is unlike any café we’ve ever visited. Unlike any other place mostly because on the menu, they have 11 (that’s eleven, 1-1) different flavours of hot chocolates. They also serve butterbeer (yes, it really exists), pumpkin juice (yes, really!) and milkshakes. We opted for 5 different flavours: Raspberry, key lime, blueberry, peppermint and white hot chocolate. They were all delicious, fabulous and fun… magical, some might say.

    In short: What a magical place Magic Alley is. I loved it, the kids loved it and we’re sure you will too.