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    After School Fun at Boston Tea Party

    A couple of our good friends told us about the After School Fun activities the put on every Friday afternoon at Boston Tea Party… and of course we needed to check it out.

    So this afternoon after school was finished, off we went to Boston Tea Party.  It’s a different activity each time, today it was rock painting. Next time, on the 5th of October, it’s ‘Celebrating Autumn with leaf people and bird feeders’, on the 12th of October it’s ‘Chalk drawing on the floor’ (yes, really!) and on the 19th of October it’s ‘Halloween mask making’.  See all details and more information on Facebook.



    We arrived this afternoon at 4 o’clock and two super friendly members of staff greeted us and helped the kids get stuck in. It was fabulous, the kids really enjoyed themselves and we had nice coffee and cake next to the big crafts table. The perfect Friday afternoon.


    I suggested to the kids that they could do the SUAonline swan on one of their stones, and Harry and Amelia took on this challenge happily and with great success, I’m sure you will agree. In fact all the children created some brilliant works of art on the stones, what fun!