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    A Happy Stay at The Howard Arms in Ilmington

    This Sunday I came home just before midday and I had no other plans than sitting down by my computer to write this very feature on our wonderful experience at The Howard Arms in Ilmington. But then life happened… the kids needed the mum-taxi, the house looked like it had been robbed (which it hadn’t), the washing needed doing and the fridge was empty so shopping needed to be done… but it was okay, I was in a great mood, I could do anything!

    Then the dog was having it no longer, he wanted to go out, so off we went for a long walk. It was really cold, I wrapped up warm, put some music in the headphones and off we went. As I was walking around this enormous field, Lady Gaga and I were singing our hearts out (“You look at me and, Babe, I wanna catch on fire”, my favourite song these days: ‘Remember Us This Way’ from the ‘A Star is Born’ soundtrack) and I was thankful there was nobody around to hear me but the dog (and he’s nearly deaf so he doesn’t mind), I realised I was still in a great mood… in fact, I hadn’t stopped smiling all day, I was in a fantastic mood and no amount of shopping, taxi’ing, washing, cleaning and tidying was going to change that!



    The Howard Arms works wonders

    It turns out a wonderfully relaxing time with your loved one in a beautiful and cosy country pub like The Howard Arms does wonders for your wellbeing… not that we were overly stressed to begin with, but life is busy and without even realising it, a nice afternoon walk in the Warwickshire countryside, a delicious meal by a country pub fire, a lovely room with a super-comfy bed and a hearty breakfast in the morning was just the thing to get us to wind way down and find ourselves again at the end of a busy week… Ahhhh!




    A cosy and luxurious Bed & Breakfast

    The Howard Arms in Ilmington is a luxury Bed & Breakfast, an incredibly popular country dining pub and quite the destination for people from near and far in the UK and beyond. Located right in the centre of a quiet Cotswold village, it overlooks a stunning old chestnut tree on the green and is mere moments from several great walking paths. An idyllic setting indeed.

    When we arrived, we decided to explore some of the beautiful scenery surrounding the pub, so we wrapped up warm, put our walking boots on, found the nearest public footpath and off we went on the most wonderful walk across some beautiful fields. It was only when it became a little darker that we decided to turn back, but we could have walked on and on.



    The pre-dinner snooze

    When we returned, it was time for the pre-dinner snooze (yes, it’s a thing, you should try it, it’s fabulous!) in the comfortable and super-soft bed in the beautiful room and before we knew it, it was 7 o’clock and time for dinner. In the cosy restaurant the fire crackled, the bar was buzzing and the restaurant was filling up nicely. It was a very busy Saturday night but from the standard of the service, it could have been a slow Monday at lunchtime, because they did not skip a beat and our every need was met with a smile from start to finish.



    The award-winning Head Chef at The Howard Arms has created a menu of top-quality pub favourites alongside imaginative starters, mains and irresistible puddings and we had the most wonderful dinner experience on this Saturday night. The food was amazing, the atmosphere fantastic and we so enjoyed our nearly 3 hours at what must be the best table in the house, close enough to the fire to feel a comfortable heat, surrounded by happy fellow diners but tugged away in the window seat creating a nice, private space for two.



    A hearty breakfast to finish

    The next morning we came back down for breakfast to see the very same restaurant transformed into a calm morning scene with a lovely Continental breakfast buffet and a mouth-watering menu of cooked breakfast dishes. We went for a traditional English breakfast and salmon on toast, both utterly delicious.



    And so was the conclusion of our wonderful, relaxing stay at The Howard Arms in Ilmington. We absolutely will be back again… anything that can set your mood on a positive path and keep a smile on your face for days, is worth revisiting for sure.

    Mette x